Things businesses do wrong on Social Media (Marketing)

There are a few things businesses do wrong on social media…

One of the biggest offenders is the quality of their posts or lack thereof. Quality should be your north star. Don’t just post just to post. You want to make sure you are creating value or marketing your business in a way that gets you to the next level of wherever you are trying to be. Make sure the audio is great as much as your visuals in a video, etc.

The next one is not having a well thought out plan of what you are trying to do. If you post on the spur of the moment Friday night and then again Tuesday morning you might be confusing your audience. Always know your audience and your customers. They will guide you forward. Make sure you post around the same time on a schedule so that you and your audience are both accountable.

Stick to your brand. If your brand is cosmetics. Come up with 50 million different ways to market your products. If you are a catering company then don’t be afraid to post event pictures and videos. Some other videos in the venue and introducing yourself and the team might also be great ideas. Everyone wants to tie a business with a face. Don’t be afraid to do that and make sure that your message lines up with your company and the story that you want to tell.

The last one is not making it a priority to post. You know you should. But you haven’t gotten around to it. Let us simplify this step for you!