The Power Of Less Is More. How And When To Post Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories are like the third or fourth order importance on instagram. Since they disappear. They are not as important as a regular post, reel or long form video IGTV. One particular way that they shine is by sometimes cutting through the algorithm. I might engage with someone’s stories more than their posts. Sometimes I will only know an account recently posted because it is on instagram stories. Another great aspect is that if I comment on someone’s stories it will take us into a private conversation. This is a unique selling feature of instagram stories.

Experimenting with Instagram stories in the past few weeks I found that less is actually more. What I mean by this is that whenever I skipped a day or two but I found a really good piece of content to share on my stories. It always generated at least two to three times more views. This is something that really needs to be considered because the content and the frequency are important.

As a social media manager for clients consistently posting on a schedule. This is really something worthwhile to consider. As far as the day to day posting nothing is going to change as far as our schedules go (for posting on social media). But blindly posting or sharing without serious thought or consideration to the algorithm. Or pinpointing exactly what you think the expected outcome will be is foolish. The goal should be to get the highest engagement or eye balls to your valuable content.

One might answer why we really care about social media or the algorithm to start with. The reason we care is because people care. At the end of the day if people weren’t interacting, you weren’t changing their lives in some meaningful way. None of this would actually happen. We don’t post or create content that doesn’t offer someone a solution or benefit of some sort. You should deliver value first.

In Summary Here Are The Abbreviated Simple Tips For Instagram Stories

  1. Post Less, Less is More.
  2. Think About What You Want To Post.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Share That Content.
  4. Track & Repeat.
  5. Plan Out Your Posts To Tell A Story Or Build A Narrative (More On This In The Future)